Snack A Fact: Tunetables’ Answer To Stylish Music Storage

Ever come across a product that just has the perfect name? You know the sort of thing – where you look and you think, ‘yeah, the marketing time at that company really nailed it.’ Well, let me introduce to you the company (and the product) called Tunetables. Can you guess what they make? Yep – tables that also store your tunes! To be more precise – Tunetables create custom-made record display units fashion to resemble music-equipment flight-cases, which also serve as stylish tables.

Tunetables offers a complete set of items to choose from. Each hand-crafted case can even be personalised with your own initials or branding. Product from the Tunetables ‘Classic’ line also come complete with its own unique number detailed on a custom badge, which is a nice touch. Storage numbers range from 100 – 500 for CDs, 30 – 60 for tapes, and 75 for vinyl. As you can see from the photos on their website, these products are as much about display as storage, which is crucial for us collector’s.

The Tunetables idea was born,” says inventor and Tunetables head, Rob Chappelhow, “out of a personal desire to have my music collection around me once again.” That’s a beautiful sentiment and, really, you have to wonder why no one has done this before. When have you ever seen purpose-designed record-storage which looks anything other than dull and generic? I urge you to check out Chappelhow’s solutions.

Check out Tunetables below: