Keelan X makes a statement of reflection with his return to music with single ‘No Fall of Rome’

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Keelan X makes a statement with his return to the music industry with free-spirited single  ‘No Fall of Rome’. Previously co-founding late 90’s indie-pop band ‘The Marigolds’ in which he toured Irelandthe UK and performed in the US, as well as releasing two acclaimed EP’s receiving coveted television and radio coverageKeelan X (Keelan Cunningham) was a victim of theft of his laptop and hard drives in the late noughties in which he lost years of recordings and song writing material in seconds. From this Cunningham has channelled his reflection and personal development within his life’s’ journey into his new work. “I took the disappearance of my songs at that time as a sign that now was not the time… Now roughly 10 years on, I felt compelled to go dust off my guitar buried in my parent’s attic and over the last 9 months have thrown myself into recording the most part of an album”- Keelan X

Capturing a zest for life and exploration of emotion and possibilities, Keelan X’s latest track encompasses indie spirit and a sense of movement through bright rhythmic guitar and atmospheric electro synths weaved into the dance driven percussion.

No Fall of Rome’ unapologetically revives that late eighties indie vocal style, lyrically exploring pushing through life, even when things get difficult. Keelan himself explaining, “There’s a synergy between how you live and what you write…it’s inevitable. No Fall of Rome was born out of a conversation I’ve had with friends who were at times struggling, juxtaposed with the idea of Rome as a symbol for one’s life. Freud also referred to the mind as being like Rome. I’d seen people in different life-stages entertaining giving up on themselves a bit – letting their earlier hopes and dreams slip. So, the song is kinda like a conversation you might have with a friend and hypothesizing there ain’t no fall of Rome gonna happen on your watch” – Keelan X

Directed by Donnagh Fitzpatrick, ‘No Fall of Rome’ accompanying music video translates these themes seamlessly onto the screen, featuring three young adults discovering adventure, romance and connection with the protagonist returning home. Radiating tenderness and the often neglected inner-child, this story of the three hopeless wanderers is set by the sonic melodies of layered ethereal vocals and a playful openness that is evident throughout this single.

Finding himself on the edge of bankruptcy, Cunningham has dived head first into the technological developments within the music industry, becoming ever more entrepreneurial in his approach to his life, jumping into a spiritual outlook using yoga and literature as explorative tools to reflect and eventually finding his way back to music.

For fans of War on Drugs, Coldplay, Simple Minds and Depeche Mode, you can find Keelan X and listen to ‘No Fall of Rome’ via the links below:


Article by Olivia Barnes