Anonymous masked duo, Movment, are guaranteed to stimulate your thoughts with upcoming post-punk album ‘Transformation’

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Irish post-punk duo, ‘Movment’, heralds the release of second album ‘Transformation’ due to be released 2/12/21 with intensity-ridden single ‘We All Must Go’.

Modelling bare faced anonymity, the rockers face audiences with their signature white masks, allowing their music to address social and theological themes, speaking loud and proud for itself. From this is born the underbelly of punchyclassic punk sounds, laden with the grit and ‘imperfection’ of grunge, a spirit well expressed in lead single ‘We All Must Go’. Drenched with existentialism and atmospheric guitar, when commenting on the track the duo stated “We All Must Go is a song with a simple message- we are all eventually going to leave this life. But it’s not particularly negative, it is about embracing the light. It’s an inquest into the journey to the big black river that awaits us, where it’s going, nobody knows…”

Approaching their art with a fearlessness to comment on their world views and current news, ‘Movment’ invite their fans to act with the same inquisitiveness. ‘We All Must Go’ draws in with bass driven drums reminiscent of ‘Led Zeppelins’’ ‘When the Levee Breaks’, led by the crunchy, overdrive guitar adding a lingering heaviness to the track, setting the scene for the moody, lacing in laid-low vocals. Electronic synth runs with dimension, contrasting and working with the neo-dirt instrumentals.

Lead single ‘We All Must Go’ follows in the footsteps of acclaimed singles ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Propaganda’, songs in which have grabbed the attention of listeners throughout BrazilSouth Africathe UKEurope, and beyond. Teasing the release of thought provoking, gritty album ‘Transformation’- one in which is guaranteed to stimulate the mind, making you question everything you know; the duo continues to push punk proudly in their own way.

For fans of FugaziKilling Joke and Depeche Mode, you can find ‘Movment’ and ‘We All Must Go’ via the links below.


Article by Olivia Barnes