Giorgos Tabakis presents a refreshing 8 string guitar experience, with album “hEre nOw theN”.

“8 strings. 10 fingers. 10 songs.

8-string guitar player Giorgos Tabakis’ remarkable new album “hEre nOw theN” will keep you in rapt attention from its beginning to its very end. Drop what you are now doing and buy it!” – Walter Kolosky (Author of the renowned book The story of the legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra (Power, Passion and Beauty), and co-host of the popular Jazz Rocks Podcast).

How do you pin down this album? The answer is you can’t. 8 string guitar player Giorgos Tabakis presents 10 track album ‘hEre nOw theN’ entwined with jazz, celestial folk, and progressive fusion; every listen offers something completely new.

Presenting with a strong approach to classically rooted music, this album’s opening track “Attraction” guides the listener into the ethereal laden experience. Rooted in bass notes, the rhythmic and flowing melodies contrast and complement. Transforming into an orchestral fullness, the feeling of folktales and storytelling unravel.

At the age of 9, Giorgos’ mother guided him to the world of music. Telling him in his hometown of Nafpaktos, Greece, in a small conservatory, music will only greaten the heart and soul of a human being. From that moment, Tabakis has been inseparable from his guitar. Giorgos stating “I contact with that first motivation which was just to touch and play the guitar because I loved its sound. It was my sound, produced from my body without any intervention between me and the instrument. Magic!”

Sporting a unique signature GTB string guitar. The Moov Guitar company made this instrument and dedicate it to Giorgos, using his initials as the model name.

Released via Efkrassis Productions, you can find ‘hEre nOw theN’ and Giorgos Tabakis via the links below:


Article by Olivia Barnes