Get the tissues at the ready. Fynbos jumps back on the wagon, with emotive rock-pop track ‘The Only One’.

Beautifully discordant, ‘The Only One’, from returning name Fynbos, introduces echoing wavy synth, organic guitar strums and a sprinkling of shimmering symbols, all cohesively locking into a sure steady rock-pop piece, headed by the punchy yet laidback rhythm, and crying guitar.

Layered emotive vocals sit back and reverbing acoustic guitar underlay the track while the celestial lyrical elements give the sense of space between the vocalist and someone who is too far away to contact. Spacious electric elements of guitar are reminiscent of the ’90s.

Engulfed in the Brit Pop scene whilst living in the heart of India, Fynbos decided to make the move to the UK at the age of 18 to pursue his dreams of Brit Pop indie stardom, with influence from iconic bands Pulp, Blur and Oasis. Unfortunately, as most in the industry know, life can get in the way. Now, October 22nd, Fynbos returns with his latest single; ‘The Only One’.

Fynbo’s musical journey hasn’t been an easy one. Within two weeks Fynbos had taught himself guitar, set up with his six-string and Travis Sing’s discography, where he found himself exploring the eclectic Mancunian live music scene. Taking advantage of the array of venues, he would entertain crowds’ night after night. With life getting in the way, Fynbos sold all his gear except one guitar. Now a decade later, the guitar has been picked back up and a date in the studio set. Fynbos himself saying: “during the lockdown I had more time on my hands and it was at that point my daughter told me how she was being bullied in school. That conversation sparked something. We felt separated from the world and The Only One is based on that feeling of yearning and isolation”.

For fans of Arcade Fire, The Divine Comedy, and The Flaming Lips, you can find ‘The Only One’ and Fynbos via the links below:



Article by Olivia Barnes