In with the old, and in with the new. MXOM’s latest single ‘Celebrxtion’ underscored by the Godfather theme and lead by infectious trap beats, quickly sets the scene for a Godfather of a track

MXOM raps with authority and no little emotion… Dub-vibes flicker and fade, echoes rise and fall, live samples are mixed with programmed beats. MXOM has a broad range and a lot to say”-

Aptly named ‘Celebrxtion’, MXOM has seen his music aired across AustraliaShanghai and Canada. A powerfully charged track, this single emanates energy, with cohesive bass back beat weaving the classical nature of the theme to the modern vivacity of the trap genre. Contrasting plosive vocal patterns, with string-like smooth sections, this track makes for a dynamic listen, offering stop, starts and surprises to the ears.

Growing up in CroydonMXOM (Ugo Nelson) had to face the adversity that came with the territory. Facing run-ins with the law, Nelson decided to make the big move to the ever-sunny Silicon Valley, to avoid heading down a path he may have regretted. Skilled in coding, he began his own tech company, where he excelled. Feeling unfulfilled and wanting to explore his creativity, Nelson relocated back to his hometown of Croydon to pursue a career in entertainment. MXOM gained a place in a prestigious drama school training programme, forming the basis of his first-class presence.

Taking influence from the London hip hop scene and the early work of Kanye WestMXOM takes elements from the gritty rooted trap genre, to merge it with the forever fresh hip hop. ‘Celebrxtion’ features an individualistic production approach, using autotune to enhance the punch this single is laden with.

Constantly developing his work and career, MXOM participates in his new series one-minute freestyles (#1MF), uploading new content every week, displaying the work ethic and laser-focused visions.

For fans of M Huncho and Yxng Bane, you can find MXOM and ‘Celebrxtion’ via the links below:

Article by Olivia Barnes