Multi-faceted musician Karen Ruimy bring us the sultry jazz rendition of ‘Seven Nation Army’ we didn’t know we needed

“Remarkably focused and well-produced, lavish and self-succifient… A dreamy, jazzy, kitsch feel to all the cuts, a classic pop aesthetic married to quirky adventurism.” –

Be prepared with cold showers and a fan to cool you down, as Karen Ruimy is set to release single ‘Seven Nation Army’, heralding her 10 track upcoming albumBlack Coffee’ (available from 15th October). Warning this rendition Is steamy. Masterfully combining strings, sensuous guitar and lustrous vocals, Ruimy crafts this iconic piece to a fresh new take on the White Stripes original.

Incorporating Parisian and Eastern influences, Karen Ruimy intertwines class and elegance throughout with vocals sensitive to the tender verses. The Moroccan born, former Paris resident musician not only shines in the track, but also dazzles on the screen, starring in the accompanying video. Holding power in her performance, exuding the grace of 20th century jazz icons.

Not only a musician, Ruimy is multi-talented, having delved into the world of finance, dance, spirituality and authorship. Branching away from working as a banker with Finacor, Karen ventured to creative and spiritual pastures. Proudly fighting for gender equality, Karen founded GREAT (Gender Rights Quality Action Trust) Initiative, alongside broadcaster Mariella Frostrup and human rights lawyer Jason McCue. With her spiritual writing work published, founding and acting as creative director for lifestyle brand KALMAR, and contributing to UK Psychologies Magazine and The Huffington Post, Ruimy engaged in a successful flamenco career beginning by the age of 38. Performing at Sufi Sutra Festival, Union Chapel, and Leicester Square Theatre, Karen is set to be the female lead in her own West End Flamenco show.

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Article by Olivia Barnes