If only we all had our own personal hype ghost! From the supernatural to club nights, Jack Rose hypnotises us all with brand new single “Overdrive”.

`So you’ve worked on the track and you’re wanting to release new music? For most the push to get that song out there finally comes from the support of a friend or a label. But not for Jack Rose! Exploring the freaky things in life, chart topping musician and ghost hunting TV host decided to release single ‘Overdrive’ when searching for the Great Train Robber ghost of Robert Welch in Shrewsbury Prison. To his surprise, not long after entering the prison, his electricals started playing up. And boy did they “come alive”. His phone began repeating “take me to another dimension… Only you can make me come alive”- the lyrics of his newest un-released single. Ah how the universe sends us signs.

Following this encounter, at his next performance Rose decided to perform the song to his audience, to much acclaim. And there was sign numero deux this was to be his next release!

Likely to set Jack Rose into his third chart topper, with both his previous two releases making a coveted spot on the Official UK Music Week Commercial Pop Top 10, keep your ears peeled for ‘Overdrive’ remix.

Alongside his music, Jack hosts the Amazon TV series Ghost Hunting with Jack Rose, in which he is joined by a celebrity guest to explore the UK’s most haunted sites. With phones turned off during the recording, you can imagine the crews shock when the music started blaring.

Providing us with not only quirky TV shows and ultimate dance pop bangers, Jack Rose has been named by the Official Charts Company as ‘The One to watch’ And it’s no surprise given Rose’s 3.3m+ views under his belt by the age of 19. With his catchy lyrics, energetic yet haunting vocals and hypnotic pop production, popping ‘Overdrive’ on your playlists is a must!

You can find Jack Rose and ‘Overdrive’ via the links below…