Wilting Flower has much more than flower power

The first single of Wilting Flower, Dark Matter, released May 7th is a gothic rock track by music graduate Jasmine. A powerful and goddess esque piece, stepping into the alternative scene with grace. 

Delicacy is not exclusive of strength in this track. There’s lots to talk about with Dark Matter. The combination of the low-fi instrumental with the J-Pop intonation vocals make for an interesting listen, giving compliment to the deeper elements. Talented at creating atmospheric energy, this artist adds an alternative approach to a new brooding gothic music. This track builds with echoing and layered vocals, the perfect top to the bass heavy and grounded track. The execution of Dark Matter instrumentally is the glue and grungy bite, yet remains clean. 

Synth acts to tie-in the dynamic and harmonic elements, adding a haunting overlay reminiscent of Evanescence. Dark Matter has already proved to be a popular track in a live setting, performed at The Rocksteady Dalston with Underground Sound, and it is sure to be a favourite for future gigs. This artist is sure to be one who evolves sonically, and will wow with their strong stage presence. 

Making a name in the Brighton alternative scene in popular venues The Brunswick and The Hope and Ruin, Wilting Flower has been making their home amongst the local bands such as Smoke Filled Room and Preacher.

You can find Wilting Flower here:

Article by Olivia Barnes