Anita Gabrielle inspired to write new EP after brother’s Parkinson’s diagnosis

Singer-songwriter Anita Gabrielle found new inspiration for her forthcoming EP, ‘Just Neat’. Last year, her beloved brother Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Her brother was her inspiration back in the late 60s when Anita first picked up a guitar and started to write and perform her music.

She has spent her life fighting back against the obstacles in her path; as a gay woman, she now self-proclaims herself “dyke in a hat”. Now as an older woman in the music industry, she still finds her opportunities to be heard limited.

However, Grammy Award-winning collaborator Amy Wadge (who has wrote songs with the likes of Ed Sheeran) heard Anita’s call.

“Obviously, I was absolutely thrilled to be supported by someone with the credentials of an artist like Amy, who not only has worked with Ed Sheeran but many other major artists such as Camila Cabello and Lady Antebellum too”.  – Anita

Anita’s brother, Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year. It was her brother who introduced her to music legend Joni Mitchell: a singer who has become an idol for Anita. During the 80s, she achieved national coverage of her band, The Crew, in Melody Maker, while she supported icons such as Divine and Labi Siffre.

She has continued to write and perform ever since. Firstly with ZeNaNa and ‘mature girl group’ as well as The Favourite Aunties, honing her sound to include elements of pop, acoustic rock and folk.

Since her brother’s diagnoses, she is hoping to bring some good from this challenging situation. Her brand-new EP will donate funds from sales to research into the disease. Find out more about Parkinson’s disease.

It was this effort that attracted the attention of Grammy Award-winning songwriter Amy Wadge, who contributes vocals and piano to the forthcoming single, ‘Best Friends.’

Gabrielle’s latest release, ‘Just Neat’ and ‘Best Friends’, look to raise both awareness and funds to assist Micheal and others who have been affected by Parkinson’s.

All money from EP sales will go to Parkinson’s research and Anita has also set up a Just Giving page. You can donate here today.

Watch Anita Introduce the Project in Her Own Unique Style!

Alongside her music career, Anita is a passionate campaigner for older womens’ rights and LGBTQ+ issues. Her own personal experience reflects the need to campaign for these rights, as she was ‘outed’ as a lesbian by a newspaper, just as her music career was taking off in the 1980s.

Recently battling back from a cancer scare herself, the removal of a kidney and a hip replacement, her passion and energy is evident in her new songs. Each track shares a different story, from the exquisitely-crafted acoustic songs which strike you straight in your soul, to the plaintive ‘Best Friends’. The delicate swoon of ‘Avenue Louise’, with lyrics describing the first meeting of Anita’s parents in Brussels at the end of World War II, to the incredibly pertinent sing-along, ‘I Want to Go Outside Again’!

‘Just Neat’ is released on December 7th

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