Four Crooks release groove-heavy Indie rock EP, ‘Black Magic’

Credit: Facebook/fourcrooks

Lockdown has given us all the time the world to reflect on the point of living. Some of us learned how to bake banana bread, others did home workouts for a week and then had a slice of that same banana bread.

But for indie-rock band Four Crooks, lockdown gave them the chance to gather their collective talents, journey to a remote farmhouse, and write and record their new EP.

The West-Midlands based group have released ‘Black Magic’ to listeners everywhere. The three tracks, consisting of the title track as well as ‘Feel Alright’ and ‘Paranoia’, has the sorcery sound of early Arctic Monkeys and the guitar riffs of the likes of The Black Keys.

The three tracks have a gritty realness; the heavy groove style of both the guitar and the bass gives their sound a potency all of its own. Lockdown has given time for Four Crooks to deal with their own demons and perfectly hone their craft.

Listen to Four Crooks’ Black Magic EP here

The band didn’t follow the usual route of other indie bands, with vocalist Dave Morris first meeting guitarist Eamonn Russell after Dave was kicked out of a bar following an altercation with the manager about payment for a gig.

Eamonn helped Dave carry his gear home and they quickly realised that they shared a common bond for music and how it should be performed. After the band became a foursome when bass player Toby Barnett and drummer Dan Quinton-Jones joined, they never looked back.

Free from distractions at the remote farmhouse, the band produced a trio of tracks which are honest about their mental health and relationship battles, told lyrically and through the glow of stinging guitar.

Black Magic – the leading track – is a meditation on the addictive qualities of women and substances of all kinds: both a warning and a celebration of everything that can get you high and take hold of your senses.

Watch the Black Magic music video here

Feel Alright – a song of redemption which sees someone working their way through a difficult relationship and walking out with their head held high.

Paranoia – a thudding, far heavier track, looks at how it really feels to be trapped mentally with feelings of anxiety and doubt.

Keeping it real to a whole new level, Four Crooks are Rock n’ Roll to the very core.


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