From Olympic dreams, to acting, to finally playing his own tune: our thoughts on Michael Cooke’s new album, ‘Doin Alright’

After Michael had his Olympic dreams dashed, he changed career paths and became a successful actor (despite his twin brother going for the same acting roles he auditioned for!)

Now, Glasgow-based Michael Cooke turned his hand to music – letting his creative side flow freely and introducing his own personalty, rather than playing the part of someone else.

His first release is ‘Losing My Mind for Nothing’ – a slow burning indie-influenced track which is accompanied by an atmospheric and dramatic video. The song comes from his debut album “Doin Alright”, which was released on the 2nd November.

Doin Alright song list:

1. Losing My Mind For Nothing 

2. Run All Night 

3. Into the Horizon 

4. Shed a Little Light 

5. I Want You to Know 

6. Same Old Song 

7. In A Dream 

8. Doin Alright

Michael’s music is influenced by what he grew up listening to; his parents love of 60’s folk rock acts and his own passion for indie singer-songwriters from the 60s to the 00s.

Spiltting his time between Glasgow and London, Cooke has never taken a potential career lightly. His childhood ambition of becoming an Olympic athlete were dramatically cut to an end due to injury.

He then set his sights on what else but Hollywood? Michael has enjoyed success on stage, small and silver screens. However he always felt his true artistic talents were limited by the roles he was offered, not to mention the huge effects on his mental health that the audition process brought.

Music, he feels is his true calling. Music has allowed Michael to communicate with an audience completely on his own terms. He writes and performs all his own songs; the authenticity can be heard in all of his 8 tracks on his album, ‘Doin Alright’, out now.


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