Malcura’s upcoming album ‘Malcura II’ explores vast new musical worlds

Melbourne-based flamenco giants Malcura are ready to take us on a thrilling and supersonic journey to new musical worlds with their new spaced themed album, Malcura II.

The album is set to be released on 27th November following their impressive first album which dropped in 2016. But album 2.0 explores an even more expansive musical frontier.

The bands imaginative use of flamenco guitar and a mixture of Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Surf Rock (and even melodic Death Metal), has captivated the Australian public. Now, Malcura are looking to introduce the rest of the world to their extraordinary musicianship.

After having an exclusive listen to the not-yet-released album, I found it highly upbeat and enrapturing but I could also hear an element of drama and darkness. The extremely talented technical abilities of the band means each song explores new rhythms and riffs. Adding to the authenticity of Malcura’s flamenco roots, the Spanish guitar is beautifully distinctive throughout the album.

“Melbourne Flamenco kings Malcura have earned themselves a reputation on the local scene for their ability to take a traditional genre and decorate it with flair and exuberance.” 

beat magazine

The album’s space-themed storyline introduces the listener to an astronaut named Captain Snus. He journeys through a black hole and travels to mysterious new planets (cos’ let’s face it, who wants to live on this one right now?).

Accompanying Malcura’s incredible sound are stunning video game-esque artworks courtesy of Jamie Peters.

Crowdfunded both via their street performances and online, their “Heavy Flamenco” style album weaves an intricate web of genres and musicianship.

Malcura started out in 2013 as buskers in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall, performing their exhilarating brand of acoustic fusion; combining their passion for Flamenco with Jazz, Latin rhythms, a Rock ‘n’ Roll mentality and the odd Heavy Metal riff.

“If music had taste, this flavor would leave your mouth watering. Malcura has been serenading the assembled crowds on Bourke Street Mall at the corner of Elizabeth Street” 

the culture trip

Lead guitarist Joshua Voce is backed by powerful rhythm guitarist Steven Angell. Colin Andrews joins them on the bass and Simon Wood completes the foursome on the drums.

Malcura first attracted worldwide attention in 2016 with renditions of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and the “Gerudo Valley Theme” from the video game Zelda – amassing over 8 million viral views on Youtube.

Their acclaimed self-titled debut album followed, selling over 3000 copies and being nominated for “Best Global/Reggae Album” at The Age Music Victoria Awards. 

Malcura are also a festival favourite and a workhorse of a live band with an impressive gig history under their belt.

They have performed at the Illawarra Folk Festival, Byron Bay International Guitar Festival, Blue Mountains Music Festival and countless shows across Australia.

Along with their festival achievements, they have also played with the incredible Aussie guitarist Tash Sultana as well as Missy Higgins and Harry Manx.

After playing on stage with Rodrigo Y Gabriela at the Palais Theatre, there was a standing ovation by gig-goers.

Malcura II is out 27th November 2020, available on streaming platforms and double-gatefold vinyl.


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